Fulfilment Services for Imported Furniture

Are you importing furniture from overseas and seeking a reliable and experienced supplier for seamless fulfilment of imported furniture? We understand that you will want to focus your time on growing your business and will not necessarily want to invest in warehouse space and staff of your own. We can provide the space that you need to store your imported furniture as well as offering the handling and onward delivery service you want to provide to your customers.
Our warehouse provides secure storage for your furniture and has the capacity to hold significant volumes of stock. We can take delivery of anything from full containers to smaller volumes and store and rotate your stock appropriately.

After unpacking and securely storing your shipment we will then deliver on to your customers as required. We offer both B2B and B2C delivery and a range of delivery options including 2-man delivery when your products are destined for customer’s homes. This delivery option is well suited to imported furniture items and includes the option for products to be placed in a specified room and unpacked for your customer.

We understand that today we are operating in a global marketplace and are able to accept international shipments from across Europe and further afield including China and India

We offer agile and responsive fulfilment services for imported furniture that are flexible and scalable and therefore able to respond to peaks in demand. This enables you to concentrate your time and effort on developing your business, knowing that we are taking care of all aspects of your imported furniture fulfilment.

We understand that your costs need to be managed and are confident that we can provide you with the service that you need at an affordable price. Please get in touch to discuss what your requirements are, we’d be happy to learn more about your business and put a proposal together for you.

Do I need my own warehouse if I want to import furniture from overseas?
Not necessarily, it can be more cost effective to use a specialist in the fulfilment of imported furniture.
Will a furniture fulfilment service liaise with my customer to arrange a delivery time?
Yes, this is normally part of a 2-man delivery service option.
Can my overseas furniture supplier ship direct to my fulfilment service provider?
Yes, businesses offering fulfilment services for imported furniture will receive your goods for you.
Can imported furniture fulfilment providers deliver to both retailers and customer’s homes?
Yes, fulfilment services will usually offer both options, using the appropriate delivery method.